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Mercedes Benz C-Class to get upgrades in 2013 model year

German automaker, Mercedes-Benz is being reported to change its compact executive cars’ (C-Class) in the mdoel year 2013.

First Look on the 2015 Audi R8

A look at the much rumored Audi R8 and the features it can carry within it.

Hyundai Elantra Fluidic to be launched on 13th August

Hyundai is all set to make its Elantra Fluidic available in the Indian market. The sedan is to hit the market through New Delhi on 13th August.

2013 Audi R8 becomes faster than before..

All new Audi 2013 models to be available for order from August.

New Mahindra Verito vs Competitors

Mahindra reveals new Verito facelift. Here is a comparison of the new verito with the MarutiDzire, Toyota Etios and Ford Classic.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2014 Lamborghini Estoque : Video gallery

Watch the video gallery of 2014 Lamborghini Estoque.
Source : 2014 Lamborghini Estoque Details

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Audi e-bike Worthersee introduced

Referred to as "an extremely emotion-inspiring sports machine," the Audi e-bike W├Ârthersee features an ultra lightweight carbon-fiber frame, sitting at just 47 pounds.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Audi to bring S range to India soon

Audi, a German automobile manufacturing company is planning to launch the S range of performance vehicles in India shortly. Leading the pack will be the S6 and S4 sedans. The S range is a good stratum between the RS range and the company’s stock cars, which provides the automaker a benefit as AMG for M division and Mercedes Benz vehicles for BMW are hardcore.

 Motivation for the S4 will come from a 3.0 litre V6 supercharged engine, which will be good for pulsating 328 horsepower. It will be equipped with the company’s Quattro four wheel drive system that sends power to all the four wheels. Equipped with wider rubber and bigger 18-inch wheels, the S4 offers slightly stiffened and lowered suspension for nimble handling. Visually though, you will find quite a few cosmetic differences between the two.

A number of S vehicles from most of the company’s mainstream model ranges have been designed and developed over the years. These vehicles are decipherable by vertical emphasis lines on front grilles and S badges. The S vehicles of the company come with the automaker’s trademark Quattro all wheel drive system. More powerful yet larger brakes, distinctive internal combustion powerplants, additional exterior body styling, carbon fiber interior trims and stiffer suspension systems set it apart from its related cousins of their respective model range.

Monday, May 21, 2012

2013 Toyota RAV4 EV: First Look

The RAV4 EV available in front-wheel drive and uses an electric powertrain for a maximum output of 154 horsepower.
Source: Toyota Rav4 EV Review

Fiat Punto Sports 90HP LE Launched in India

Fiat India has launched Punto 90HP a limited edition called the Punto Sport.

Friday, May 18, 2012

2012 Polo-R Cup Car, Drivers Revealed

After Polo R Cup’s 2 successful seasons in India, Volkswagen is ready to commence its 3rd season of one-make championship that’s scheduled to be flagged off at Kari Motor Speedway track on 7th July 2012 in Coimbatore. The Polo R Cup’s 3rd season will be seeing couple of changes; the major of those will be the use of TSI (Turbocharged Stratified injection) petrol power plants in Polo race car. Motivation for the petrol engine model comes from a 1.4 liter Turbocharged Stratified Injection engine, which is good for pulsating 179PS of power at 6200rpm with 250 newton meters of torque at 2000-4500rpm. Albeit the torque on new cup car will be the same like its predecessor, power has been increased up by 50PS and will be weighing nearly 20 kilograms lesser as compared to the previous model.

The Polo R cup car’s engine is mated to the DSG transmission instead of old manual gearbox that’s a smart move from German automaker bearing in mind that most global level sedan car races also host shift paddles. The company also announced its lineup of twenty young drivers, which will be competing in Polo R Cup 2012, including 2011 Endurance Touring Car and 24 Hours of Mexico Mexican champion Diego Duez. For setting a benchmark for all divers and for making the title fight more challenging, in 2012, Volkswagen has slotted the series under 3 segments – Pro, Master and Junior. 
Prize money for podium finishers will be Rs. 40,000, Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 50,000 for second, third and first place respectively. Besides 1st 2 rounds of Polo R Cup 2012, drivers will compete for the title on MMRT track in Chennai, and 1 round of season will be hosted at the Buddh International Circuit, venue of Grand Prix of India.
Powertrain Type
1.4 litre four-cylinder inline turbo + supercharger
1.6 litre R4 common rail diesel powerplant
Fuel Supply System
Direct Injection
Common Rail
Max. Power Output
180 horsepower at 6200 rpm
130 horsepower at 4400 rpm
Max. Torque
250 newton meters at 2000-4500 rpm
250 newton meters at 1500-2500 rpm
Six-speed automatic sequential DQ250
Six-speed manual
Differential Clutch
Limited slip differential wet dual clutch
Open differential racing single dry clutch
Gearbox control
Paddle shift on steering column
Manual floor shifter
Uprated braking system with ABS
Uprated braking system w/o ABS
Weight with driver and fluids
Fuel Tank
45 litres
45 litres
Fuel Exhaust
Standard 97 Oct Catalytic Convertor
Standard diesel catalytic convertor

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Updated SsangYong Rexton coming soon

These are the first official pictures of what the upgraded Rexton sport utility vehicle will look like. As seen from the pics, its front gains all-new headlights, LED foglamps and LED surrounds that look like as if inspired from the ones found on recent Mercedes cars and a detailed re-style. You will also find a much wider and new chrome lined grille that looks almost Nissan-ish, and houses a large SsangYong emblem at the center. The front bumper is much more aggressive and new unlike its predecessor. The all-new SsangYong Rexton sports utility vehicle comes with wing mirrors that feature turn signal indicators and BMW-like wheel arch inserts.

The Z-shaped trademark c-pillar of SsangYong Rexton SUV remains and rear styling gains minor sheet metal enhancements. The taillamps are mildly redesigned and now gain new inserts with LED bulbs. Expect the cockpits to receive a thorough update with enhanced plastics and lighter shades. Motivation for the Rexton will come from a 2.7 litre inline 5-cylinder Mercedes-sourced Double Overhead Camshaft powerplant, which is good for pulsating 165 horsepower. The upgraded Rexton will be revealed at the forthcoming Busan Auto show in Korea.

SsangYong Rexton sport utility vehicle provides a unique alternative to the present stable of sport utility vehicles’ offered in the country. More a statement of authority unlike anything else, thanks to its distinctive hood character lines, impressive SsangYong trademark grille, the clean power of 3rd generation direct injection turbodiesel power plants and projection headlamps, it is no wonder Rexton demands respect. Add levels of safety and luxury appointments you would typically expect to find in a luxury sedan instead of a sport utility vehicle, and you have an exciting package which exceeds all your expectations.

The seven-passenger luxury sport utility vehicle is offered in both luxurious leather and deluxe cloth trim. It is designed and engineered for those wanting more for less. With its ultra-light frame featuring triple layer construction to disperse and absorb impacts and shocks, this means longer durability and less vibration during normal operation.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Imperium Bentley Continental Audentia GTC

The package include new feature like improvement in bumper, front grille, air vents and many more.

Source :  New Cars

Thursday, May 10, 2012

BMW X8, X7 and CS II: Rumormill

Recently, we reported in a fair bit of detail about the forthcoming Q Series of vehicles from Audi. Founded luxury marques are all set for fighting a new conflict in the luxury class, which comes not from the enemy within by also from their competition. Over the last couple of months, we have seen elite sport utility vehicles from luxury brands, including Bentley, URUS Concept of Lamborghini and Mercedes Benz GL-Klasse and the all-new Range Rover. You will see a Rolls Royce sport utility vehicle, which the sportier X7 fills that performance focused sports activity vehicle role superior unlike the RR.

BMW 7er XLi :

The BMW 7er XLi will be using an idea of its predecessor; the E38 however is specifically targeted at China. It could also follow 5erLi and 3erLi and be designed and developed in mainland China.

BMW X7 :

The BMW X7 is very much progressing ahead even further unlike the 2 original incarnations. The current Lamborghini and Bentley concepts were no fluke and in spite of the appearance, they point to a new class, something the present Range Rover investigated to a surprise success. Given the Rolls Royce brand’s delicate history, both Rolls Royce’s CEO and BMW CEO aren’t convinced that the sport utility vehicle should be added to RR marque.

The X7’s concept is not new at BMW, both were virtually conceived under the current E70 and previous E53 X5 as potential ideas integrating the previous BMW vision for Range Rover – unsurpassed space and luxury even with V12 powerplant. Few designs equal the vehicle with more progressively sloping roofline that improves its luxury credentials together with a more luxury inspired cockpit. Given the significance of a sport utility vehicle within any class, by 2017 the company’s series line will be containing an SAV/SAC model. With lower designated SAC vehicles providing the choice of 5dr and 3dr. These models are extremely profitable to the automaker both in the future and the present.

BMW X8 :

The BMW X8 will perhaps follow the same philosophy like the upcoming X4 and X6 by being based on the equivalent model. Given X6’s success, the X8 is definitely an interesting proposition, nevertheless this vehicle could in fact be redesigned within BMW i marque as BMW i6 that’s experiencing conception in Munich. i6 is effectively a Sports Activity Coupe using BMWi design philosophy that in some cases, it can be mistaken for a detail enhanced and raised i8.

Source : New cars India

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2013 Acura NSX Concept : Video Highlights

2013 Acura NSX Concept presented in Detroit Auto Show. powered by V6 engine to output estimated at 406 hp.

Monday, May 7, 2012

2013 Fiat Linea - New TV Commercial

2013 Fiat Linea - New TV Commercial -Video Review

Saturday, May 5, 2012

2012 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 - Performance Sports car

Friday, May 4, 2012

2012 Audi A4 Launched in India - Video Review

The facelifted model has grown in size and features new Quattro technology driveline with improved fuel-efficiency.